Redefine the Future of E-Commerce

Static photographs don’t cut it anymore. Amp up your retail game and step into the future. 

Every product - no matter how small or big - deserves an immersive representation. 

Want to join in and make your brand stand out from competitors? You’re at the right place.

Immersive 3D Product Models


Here is a 3D shoe model for Hoka One. We, at Incredimate, have an eye for details. From the fabric of the shoe to its sole, everything looks super realistic.


Take a look at the 3D shoe model for Salomon. Couldn’t differentiate between the real product and its 3D model, right?


The colour codes are a perfect match with the real life counterpart by Relaxo. We leave no room for comparison between our high-quality 3D models and the original products.

Digitally Empowering Brands

Product Modelling at its Finest


The first thing people notice about your product is its details. This is why precision is our first priority! Our 3D product models are accurate- down to every last thread of your product. We are defined by our high-quality 3D product models.

Lightning Speed

In this fast moving world, you can’t really waste your time waiting for days to get one product model. Our super-fast 3D product modelling  service will have your product models ready in no time!

Blending AI and Human Talent

Gone are the days where AI stole jobs. At Incredimate, our in-house AI is our partner-in-crime! We blend the speed of AI with our artists’ exceptional talent in 3D modelling.

Unbeatable Prices

We understand the budgetary constraints faced by various eCommerce brands. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing that will leave you amazed. You won’t find better prices for the same quality at any other studio, we dare you!

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